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The importance of a well designed website in Dubai for the growth of your business


A properly designed website is extremely important for the successful representation of any business. The absence of a website or even owning an outdated website can prove to be extremely detrimental to the success of your business s this it may create an entirely negative image of your company and not only will you lose out on the opportunity to getting new customers but many of the current customers will also lose interest in continuing business with your company. A website is like the opening statement or first thing you say in a sales pitch to your customer and hence it has to be strong and impactful. Knowing this fact one must understand the importance of different factors that would go onto affect the overall personality of your website:

  1. Establishes the consistency of the brand

Every company has a brand logo and this is normally used at almost all of the places like the business cards, letterheads, visiting cards etc. Now the web designers can make the most of any logos, or brand imagery used previously by highlighting these on the website. This creates instant recognizability and in addition to this the website will also look much more official in the eyes of the first time visitors thereby creating better impression.  This consistency reduces the chances of negative impression which so often caused due to change in visual imagery.

  1. Enhanced navigation

If you want your website to be designed in the best possible manner then the one feature you cannot do without is easy navigation. This is one feature that can establish or break down the image of a website. Its importance is all the more underscored in the case of websites with numerous pages. In a website with good navigation one can easily move through different pages and this will show your target customers that you in fact care for the ease and comfort of your customers. This is one feature that is almost mandatory for any website nowadays, if you want people to call your website well designed.

  1. Decreased load time = More smiles

A well designed website takes less time to load and it does not take a lot of intelligence to realize that a website with lower load time will be loved by the users more than a website that even though very beautiful has a high load time. Many studies have showed that a website with lower load time often attracts more number of target customers. To better explain this effect, if the load time of your website is less than one second then you will get a big chunk of the traffic, however if the load time is less than four seconds then not only will the traffic be low but it will continue to decrease. Hence make sure the website design is done in such a way that its load time decreases.

Hence, now that you are aware of the importance of a well designed website in attracting more customers, nothing should stop you from bringing in the required changes so as to make a well designed website for yourself and thus in turn to get better results in terms of the growth of your business.
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